We are proud to work alongside Arizona AFO as their New Zealand distributor. Arizona AFO are leading the way with their innovative ankle foot orthoses, and like us, are committed to helping individuals achieve a better quality of life through superior quality devices.

Arizona AFO braces play a key role in the treatment of many pathologies including PTTD, ankle osteoarthritis, Charcot foot, achilles tendonitis, drop foot, CMT, knee or ankle pathology due to sports or occupational causes.  With clinical research behind their effectiveness, we are confident in these devices keeping you on the GO – because ‘restoring mobility restores life’.

  • Custom-made device made in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Superior design, quality and fit
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Good looking professional design
  • Easy ordering through Ganley Orthotics with full support
  • Video tutorials on casting
  • 90% effective to treating PTTD as an alternative to surgery
  • Suitable for footwear with an extra depth heel (e.g. Brooks Dyad, Dr. Comfort extra depth and a variety of comfort footwear)

The Process

To prescribe an AZAFO, you’ll need to take a lower leg cast and fill our Arizona AFO prescription form. We will talk you through all of the casting techniques and paperwork prior to your first prescription – just give us a call.  From there we make it super simple – send your cast and paperwork to us and we’ll get everything over to the AZ lab!  We arrange freight and any import duties then once your device arrives back, approximately 3 weeks later, we send it on an overnight courier back to you and you get one happy patient!

Wanting to prescribe an AZAFO? We can help get you started with prescription forms, casting equipment, recommendations and webinars.  We’ll arrange everything and talk you through the process.

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