GO Orthotics now offer the best available, state of the Art 3D printed orthoses, powered by Footwork.

Our 3Dprint orthoses are printed right here in our lab using a commercial size Stratasys H350 SAF  printer.  This is the first machine of it’s type in New Zealand  and using this technology we can make thinner and lighter orthoses, but with up to 90% less material wastage compared to direct-mill orthoses.

The 3Dprint process is fully managed by GO Orthotics; designed by Podiatrists and superbly finished in our lab, you can expect the same product quality and first-rate service.

3D printing offers these exciting benefits for your patient:

  • thinner and lighter for easier shoe fit
  • greater strength compared to polypropylene
  • more flexibility options allow smarter prescribing choices
  • modern, chic appearance; our 3Dprint shells are smart looking and stylish
  • embossed with patient name and reference number
  • industry leading and environmentally friendly tech

3Dprint orthoses are a smart alternative to semi-rigid & rigid polypropylene orthoses and for flexible orthoses currently made with LDPE.  Simply choose 3Dprint PA11 from the shell material option and we’ll take care of the rest.

For technical information plus Q&A click here

The Process

Scan or cast your patient and
submit a GO Jobs form online

We design your orthoses
using Footwork’s leading CAD software

Your 3Dprint orthoses
are printed

We apply additions
and covers

Final quality control and orthoses
are dispatched to you

Q: Are they custom designed and made just for my patient?
A: Yes, every time. Your orthoses are still individually designed using Footwork’s industry leading software, that we now use in our lab.  This amazing design software allows us to 3D print orthotic shells.

Q: What about all the prescription variables I’m familiar with now?
A: Prescription variables won’t change, you can still ask for the shapes and features you’re used to and more; 1st ray cutouts, shallow or deep heel cups, plantarfascia grooves, cuboid notch etc. In fact, 3Dprint will allow you to work with us and push the design envelope for even better combinations of function, flex and comfort.

Q: What about additions, covers and finish quality
A: Your orthoses will still be hand finished in our lab by our experienced technicians. Since 1996 GO Orthotics has been known for superb quality in all it’s products, which is exactly what you get with our 3D printed orthoses.

Q: Can 3Dprint orthoses be made urgently
A: We aim to have 3Dprint orthoses ready to dispatch within 6 working days after receiving your completed order, but it’s usually faster than that.  If you need them faster than this, give us a call.

Q: What are 3Dprint orthoses made from?
A: The raw material is called “PA11” which is a thermoplastic nylon.  PA11 is a renewable raw material made from vegetable castor oil. The 3Dprint process minimises waste by reusing surplus powder from previous prints.

Q: What type of 3D printer are they made on?
A: Our orthotic shells are made on Stratasys H350 printing machines

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